Today I started a tumblr page that I will designate solely to my photography; I think that tumblr will be a good place to keep everything photo related, nice and neat in the one area, also it will give me some hands on experience with using tumblr.

Tumblr is much different to wordpress, I cannot wait to get my hands dirty and see what I can come up with. I will post some of my better photos of various locations, subjects and topics.

At a later date I may even add some short videos, I will see how everything goes and if I think it is suitable I will proceed.

I hope to update the page whenever I have some nice photos to share. If anyone would like to use the photos they can, as long as they attribute the source as being RichardJCormick.

You can find my page by clicking here.

Author: Richard J Cormick


About Richard Cormick

Hey!! I'm Richard, I love travel & the outdoors, culture, food, movies, fashion and much much more. Also most things media related such as: Blogging, Writing short articles, Photography, Filming and Editing. Check out my site richculture.co!!
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