The Future of Journalism

What does the future hold for journalism?

This is a question many people are asking right now, many media outlets face problems and are trying to access and establish what will happen next.

It seem that anyone can create a blog or tell a new story but is this true, can these people really provide the new future of media for free? Will their stories hold up? Are they just as bias as current new delivery services? Can they really have all the information due to a lot areas of importance are usually restricted to “real” Journalist only, aren’t they?

What will happen in the future?  Will it be a combination news or media company, where bloggers or the average Joe can contribute what information and raw material they have, it can then be re-mixed or re-edited with other sources to form a quality story.

There could be one location where the latest information could be sent and organised into comprehendible and relevant media. A lot of journalism in the future will be more about quality and organisation of the latest information with a quick if not instant output.

Currently there is a lot of information flooding the internet but what is quality, true or even legitimate is not known, you have to spend time sifting through the information to get the important and worthy information. Furthermore the information can be fragmented and not even worth wasting your time on or you may have to go to many sources to get a full un-bias end result.

Here is a video from students at a journalism school in Kansas; they seem to have their finger on the pulse as far as the future of journalism goes.

Author: Richard J Cormick


About Richard Cormick

Hey!! I'm Richard, I love travel & the outdoors, culture, food, movies, fashion and much much more. Also most things media related such as: Blogging, Writing short articles, Photography, Filming and Editing. Check out my site!!
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