Rich Culture

I have some exciting news… I have a new website called Rich Culture which is now my main focus. I have been working on it for some time and it is really starting to look good. Having established that my other projects just didn’t cut it I decided to create something new, something I was more passionate about. Travel and Culture seemed to be the main part of my life and something I have always been drawn to, I just did not realize it until recently.

I had a fair bit of video footage that just didn’t fit in how I wanted with my last project/s but I liked filming it and it was just apart my life so just kept it aside and not doing much with it. I finally made the judgement call that I should make something of it and put it to good use.

I wanted to start a website using my videos and other things I enjoyed. Brainstorming commence! After doing some creative thinking exercises and going through the entire process of idea generation (yes, there is a process). I came up with an Idea that would suite me and keep me passionate and wanting to keep the site running and updated etc.

That is how Rich Culture was born.


Rich Culture

I have spent a few months on it now and it is starting to grow slowly but sorely. I have recently been thinking how am I going to maintain the whole site with all the ideas I have and what I want to put into it and do with it.

Any Volunteers? Please message me if you would like to help, see my about page for contact details. A big Thank You in advance.

I hope you will drop by and have a look around Rich Culture, maybe you have some ideas to make it better, let me know.

Or better yet why don’t you subscribe to Rich Culture today, keep up to date with everything that happens.

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Everyone’s a shopaholic!?

The latest and greatest new project…….., Read on!?

I have recently been working on a new internet shopping site using prestashop, below is the start of an article I wrote for their blog.

Oniomania– Is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to as compulsive shopping, shopping addiction or compulsive buying. A person with this nature is otherwise known as a shopaholic. Thus a shopaholic is a person considered to be addicted to shopping. Thanks wiki.

It seems that we all know someone like this or are a bit like this ourselves at times. In a society where the economy only functions because of Shopping, it can be very trying at times….

***An update on this post: I no longer use Oniomania. Please see my other post about my current website, thank you.

Want to read more? click here.

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Youtube Channel

In an effort to expand my knowledge and educate myself on everything audio visual, I have decided to start a youtube channel called Rich One Three. On the channel you will find random videos, all of which have been filmed and edited by me (Richard J Cormick).

I have already posted two videos, one of which was a small project for a friend who works at a hobby shop and needed a short promotional video, in the coming weeks there will be more video clips covering various topics.

***An update on this post: I no longer use Rich One Three. Please see my other post about my current channel, thank you.

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Pray for Japan

I went to America recently, while I was their, at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) I participated in this video that was made for the people of Japan who were effected by the earthquake of the Honshu area on Friday March 11th 2011..

There is still much work to be done and at this time of the year they need all the help and support they can get, many people are still effected by the devastating earthquake that caused so much damage in Honshu, Japan.

Please share this video with as many people as you can, Just because there is nothing in the news or media about this topic does not mean that everything is back to normal. My friend Kazuaki Kumagai who made the video showed me photos of his recent visit to the area, there is so much damage it may take years to repair, also it is unbelievable the amount of damage that was caused and the amount of debris that are still needed to be cleaned up.

Not to mention all the people of Japan that were and still are effected; they are in need of help, support and comfort at this time of the year when they will be thinking of their lost loved-ones. If they know they are not alone maybe it can help, please pray for Japan.

Author: Richard J Cormick

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Today I started a tumblr page that I will designate solely to my photography; I think that tumblr will be a good place to keep everything photo related, nice and neat in the one area, also it will give me some hands on experience with using tumblr.

Tumblr is much different to wordpress, I cannot wait to get my hands dirty and see what I can come up with. I will post some of my better photos of various locations, subjects and topics.

At a later date I may even add some short videos, I will see how everything goes and if I think it is suitable I will proceed.

I hope to update the page whenever I have some nice photos to share. If anyone would like to use the photos they can, as long as they attribute the source as being RichardJCormick.

You can find my page by clicking here.

Author: Richard J Cormick

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Exchange program

Last year I went to Japan on an exchange program through my University (Swinburne University of Technology).

The Exchange program has been one of the highlights while at university. On returning each student had to write about their exchange experience, the University then chose which papers it liked and posted them on the Swinburne Abroad website. I was lucky enough that Swinburne chose my paper.

I have decided to add a copy of the paper to my portfolio, I hope you enjoy reading about my experience.

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The Future of Journalism

What does the future hold for journalism?

This is a question many people are asking right now, many media outlets face problems and are trying to access and establish what will happen next.

It seem that anyone can create a blog or tell a new story but is this true, can these people really provide the new future of media for free? Will their stories hold up? Are they just as bias as current new delivery services? Can they really have all the information due to a lot areas of importance are usually restricted to “real” Journalist only, aren’t they?

What will happen in the future?  Will it be a combination news or media company, where bloggers or the average Joe can contribute what information and raw material they have, it can then be re-mixed or re-edited with other sources to form a quality story.

There could be one location where the latest information could be sent and organised into comprehendible and relevant media. A lot of journalism in the future will be more about quality and organisation of the latest information with a quick if not instant output.

Currently there is a lot of information flooding the internet but what is quality, true or even legitimate is not known, you have to spend time sifting through the information to get the important and worthy information. Furthermore the information can be fragmented and not even worth wasting your time on or you may have to go to many sources to get a full un-bias end result.

Here is a video from students at a journalism school in Kansas; they seem to have their finger on the pulse as far as the future of journalism goes.

Author: Richard J Cormick

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It is coming near the end of my University Degree, I thought, what is the best way to get into the media industry? Put simply, freelancing.
To endeavour this challenge research is needed, to ascertain what is the best method. Many things were running through my head such as – What does it mean to be a freelancer; why and how do you become a freelancer, how do you finding work, what are the advantages and disadvantages.

So decided to write a story about freelancing and add it to my portfolio page, to read it click here!

Author: Richard J Cormick

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